Kasa smart app for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac download

Kasa smart app on PC- With all our digital devices getting smart reach day it is about time our homes followed up accordingly. You can achieve some semblance of digital control with TP-link intelligent Home Solutions.

If you have compatible devices installed around your home you can turn the lights ON /OFF, operate the coffee and attend to any visitors to your door no matter where you are. It is because TP-link uses a smartphone app to let you manage most of the functions seamlessly ghost by name of Kasa smart.

Kasa Smart app

If you are one who is looking to download the Kasa smart app on Windows or  Mac then you landed on the right article. This app helps you to manage your all devices which are linked to the TP-LINK Smart home.

Yes, this is Another Smart home managing device and you can do many new things with this one. Previously we discussed the tile, smart life, and Geeni App which has the almost same function as this app.But yes this is the only app that is compatible the with TP-LINK smart plug HS100/110/107 KP 200 /400/EP10 and many others

Like every Smart home managing device you can manage all your smart devices with a single click. Even with the New update of the Kasa smart PC app, you can now add color painting with the Kasa smart light strip.

There are many other features of this app that make it different from others.

Make sure you read this article till the end so you can get an idea of how to download the Kasa smart app on your PC.

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Kasa smart PC app features

Here are some of the best features of the app which might give you more ideas about this app.First, this is the only app that is compatible with most smart plugs and that's awesome.More than a million people downloaded the app from the Play Store and rated it 4.7This app has launched back in 2015 and now its European customers can take advantage of the new pricing plan.

Turn on or off devices at the scheduled time it will do your job automatically just set up the time in it.

  • Control a variety of smart bulbs
  • Control smart fans, switches, lights
  • IP Camera support - monitor your home life with Kasa smart
  • Google home and Alexa support
  • Extremely efficient app
  • Light and easy to use
  • Quick connection options
  • Improved security measures
  • Personalized profiles for every device
  • Integration with other smartphones

Kasa Smart app

1. Manage your doorbell virtually

It is often hard to observe any visitors at your doorstep when you are away from home. Kasa smart lets you plan ahead by providing video calls from the front door of your home. You need to have a KD110 or similar doorbell camera from TP-link installed for it. You can modify the settings to notify you whether someone rings a doorbell or trips the motion sensor

2. User-friendly interface

The app has a modular eye-friendly design that does not bombard you with menus and notifications. You can quickly browse through the device categories and manages the device within the seconds. The page translations are smooth and the app remains highly responsive to voice commands in various languages and accents.

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Kasa smart device list

  1. TP link smart plug HS100/110 / 107
  2. Smart plug Mini HD103/105 KP 105
  3. Smart switch HS200/210/220
  4. Smart power strip HS300/303
  5. Smart bulb LB100/110/120/130/200/230
  6. KL50/60/110/120/130

Kasa Smart IP Camera support

  1. KL100/105/110/115/120/200/300/310

Smart router support

  1. SR20
  2. Range Extender RE270/730/350K

Requirements to get Kasa smart on PC

  • Windows/mac OS-powered desktop PC or laptop
  • TP-Link or any other compatible smart devices installed at your home
  • Internet connection
  • The same internet connection should be used on both the smart devices and the laptop
  • Google account, android Emulator is needed, download Bluestacks or Nox player
  • Install the emulator and set it up using the Google account

How to download the Kasa app for PC?

Kasa smart is a dedicated app for Microsoft Windows and Max Store. You can also install it on your PC by downloading the installer from the official website. Yet the best way to operate the app on a PC is through any of the following emulators

1. BlueStacks emulator

2. Nox player

3. Memu play

Download the Kasa app by Nox player

Step 1: Download and install the Nox player on your own computer from the below link. Here is the download link for NoxPlayer

Kasa Smart app for PC

Step 2: Launch the Nox player android Emulator once the emulator is installed open the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Log in with your Google account and open the Google Play Store and search for Kasa smart app

Step 4: Once you find Kasa smart app from the official website click to install it.

Step 5: After the successful installation is complete go to the home screen and use it.

Step 6: Now connect Kasa smart to your smart devices and start using it


We need a smart app to manage our smart devices and here I share one of the best apps that are doing this work

Also discussed how we can download the Kasa smart app on a PC

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