The Best Top-Rated Apps for Android & iOS

Android is the best platform for us. Millions of users are using an Android smartphone. Of course, I know iOS devices are the most popular. But compared to the Android platform there is a minimum number of users are using iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Android is very user-friendly and the Google Play store consists of lots of apps and games. You can download any app from the Google Play Store without any cost. Maybe some of the games and apps need some cost for installing on your smartphone. A huge number of applications and games are placed in the Google Play Store. Some of them are very useful to us, but most of the applications are of low quality. So it is very difficult to select your best application from this list. Here we create a list from Google Play Store to select some of the Best apps and games. 
Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps
If you are an android user then this tutorial is very helpful to you select your best Android applications and games. Probably you will like all the apps from the Google Play Store and also other applications. Here we provide list applications only available on Google Play Store so you can get regular updates. If you want to other application out of Google Play Store then you can download from its official website. So let's get started towards the list of Best Android applications.

1. Google Chrome:

This is the Best browser app that you can install on your Android device. In recent days most of the Android devices have Google Chrome pre-installed. Of course, most of the people are still using Mozilla Firefox UC Browser and other browser apps.  We are not saying these browser apps are not good, but chrome has provided unlimited features it is very safe and Secure browse.
Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps
Once you login into your Google account on Google Chrome then you can synchronize your history password and many other things. It will help you manage your password and browsing history. One of the most important things is Google Chrome is made by Google developers. So you will get a notice frequently the App will get updated.

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2. Feedly:

This is the most popular app and you maybe already know about this app. Feedly app will help you manage all blogs and websites that you read at a single place. Once you install this app, then you won't have to install an individual app for every website on blogs. You do not have to check manually for new posts updated. This app will notify you to win every new post for updated. You will also be able to categorize and customize your settings like Android apps under Android category and games from the games category.

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps

3. Poweramp:

If you are a music enthusiast, then you must install Poweramp on your Android device. This is the best app for you can get unlimited music from this library. You can also customization of a broad range of equalizer with inbuilt presets. There are millions of users are using power amp on their smartphones. You can also edit your music name, album, artist and title. It is very user-friendly you will be able to customize your album. 

4. MX Player:

All the Android users know very well this app because this is the best video player for Android devices that you can find. It is completely free to download from the Google Play Store. However, the free version of MX Player does not support AC 3 format. If you need to play AC 3 format videos then you will have to buy a pro version for that.
Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps
You can watch your favorite TV episodes and movies directly download the subtitles from the app. Also, it supports SW, HW, and HW+ acceleration. You can also play videos in the background. There are no video players overcome this app

5. Quora:

It is the best place for finding your answer to any question. If you have any questions related to any topic then you can ask this community and definitely, you will get the answer from this community. You no answer anyone asked questions then you can answer them. Your answer will be placed on the particular comment box. You can also find the trending questions answers. This will help to learn more trending news.

6. Shareit:

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps
Shareit is the best file sharing application fastest cross-platform for both Android and IOS devices. Uses can use shareit to transfer files including images videos contacts apps and any other files. Transfer speed of shareit is very high compared to other file transferring applications like Bluetooth extra. Shareit is available for Android, iOS, Windows phones, and PC. Shareit allows transferring your file from Android to iOS. You can also be using Bluetooth to share your files but it is the fastest file sharing application all around the world. It is a very secure connection protocol. It can discover nearby uses more quickly. So connect with the sender and receiver more efficiently. Shareit is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Without losing quality you can send any type of file. 


Wow! It is a great application for both Android and iOS devices. A LastPass is a password manager which provide manage your password and personal information in a secure vault. If you forget your password and you can't remember that, then this app is helpful to you get your passport. LastPass will autofill web browser for login forms. It helps you save your login credentials in a safe and secure way. You can download LastPass latest version to get the protection you need for your online information. It supports all devices like phones, tablets, and computers. It can store your username and password in your LastPass encrypted vault. These entire processes are controlled with a master password.

8.Google Duo:

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps

If you are like to communicate with your friends by using of video calling application, then google duo is the best choice for you. It is the most used video calling application for both Android and iOS users. Can make a video call with just a single click on the application. Of course, it is the Google product application so you can get regular updates. you can also know the person who called you before attend the video call. This is one of the coolest features only available on the Google duo

9. KineMaster:

Are you interested to edit your videos and images? If your answer is yes, then KineMaster is the best choice for you. Yes, this application is available for both Android and IOS. If you are a professional video editor then you can buy kinemaster premium version but kinemaster free version is also enough for normal video editors. It provides unlimited features. Using this kinemaster, uses to create engaging and professional-level videos by having video control options.
Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps

Benefits of kinemaster application:

  • Speed control.
  • Real-time recording
  • Instant preview.
  • Stickers and effects.
  • Lots of animation styles.
  • Support 3D effects.
  • Support multilayer.
  • Chroma key feature.
  • Audio filters and volume envelope.

10. Google Drive:

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps
Google Drive is a cloud storage available on Android users. It provides 15 GB of storage free for new users upon signing up. If you want more space then you can buy cloud storage by Google. Some of the Android applications are attached to Google Drive. They include google docs, google sheets, google photos, Gmail and Google calendar.  Google Drive is a secure vault for your photos and files. The photos and files in a drive are private until you decide to share them. So it is very safe and secure compared to other cloud storage.

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