BabyCam app for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac Download

BabyCam app for PC - The long days may turn into stressful ones if you have no idea how your baby is fairing, but with BabyCam, you can easily monitor their well-being anytime anywhere.

BabyCam app for PC

Being a parent is demanding, stressing hence the need to have an app that helps you to track your baby. In this guide, we will help you how to download and install the BabyCam - a baby monitor camera app on your PC Windows.

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What is the BabyCam app?

BabyCam -Baby Monitor Camera app for PC, you can watch your baby using two phones are tablets; one will be used to record the baby and the other one will be used by the parents to see the baby.

BabyCam app for PC

In BabyCam, it is necessary that the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or via Wi-Fi Direct. The parent's device will connect to the baby's device easily and automatically. It will not be necessary to register or introduce codes to match the devices or similar, it happens in other similar applications. Just be pressing a button on each device, and they will connect.

Why use the BabyCam app? 

BabyCam -Baby Monitor Camera comes with amazing features that enable parents to enjoy their parenting journey.

  • Use the app directly through Wi-Fi without an Internet connection.
  • Watch the baby through TV Chromecast.
  • Listen to the baby's breathing sounds.
  • Talk and sing a lullaby to the baby.
  • Deactivate and activate the camera flash to reduce the light making the baby comfortable.
  • Zoom in or out and observe the surrounding.
  • Switch between using the black and the front camera.
  • Adjust the microphone volumes for clarity.
  • Activate it into night mode to prevent hurting the baby's Eyes.
  • See the battery level of the device from anywhere.
  • Take videos and pictures of the baby's position.
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously to the monitoring camera enabling both parents to see the baby's time.

Features of the BabyCam

1. New alert system

BabyCam app for PC with an alert to notify the parents when any moment or noise is deducted. Such helps the parents to know when the baby is crying or uncomfortable.

The Alert features enable parents to see when the connection of the baby's device is lost through notification or by text. It makes it easy to track your child's activity each moment.

2. Noise adjustment

BabyCam app for PC

When it is to baby safety, the BabyCam app for PC has a microphone that can be adjusted to 200% or reduced to a level that makes you comfortable. It changes the noise levels automatically and amplifies the sound when the baby makes sound making it easy for the parent's device to capture the moment.

3. Enhanced Night vision

BabyCam app for PC has a night vision mode that keeps the lighting lower during the night to avoid interrupting the baby's sleep. Additionally, the parents can automatically adjust the light mode from any place while keeping the video clear.

Technical specifications of the BabyCam app

        Name: BabyCam App

        Category: Surveillance

        App version: 2.24

        File Size: 16MB

        Developed by: Arjona Software

        Last update: Oct 2022

        Downloads: 1,000,000+

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How do download the BabyCam-Baby Monitor Camera app for PC Windows and Mac?

The BabyCam is an Android app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

The following methods are used to install the BabyCam app for PC into your own laptop or PC.

Method 1: By using the BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks is one of the most popular and widely used best Emulators that is used all over the world.

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your PC by the below link BlueStacks.

Step 2: After Successful installation of BlueStacks Emulator to open the Google account

Step 3: Complete Google sign-in to access the Google Play Store

BabyCam app for PC

Step 4: Look for the BabyCam app in the search bar in the top right corner

Step 5: Click to install the BabyCam app from the search results

Step 6: After successful installation of the BabyCam app from BlueStacks Emulator you can use it well.

Method 2: By Using MemuPlay

Step 1: Download and install MemuPlay on your PC. Here is the download link for your MemuPlay website

Step 2: Once the Emulator has been installed open the Google play store app icon on the home screen

Step 3: Now search for the BabyCam app on Google Play Store. Find the official app from Arjona Software and click on the install  button

Step 4: After successful installation of the  BabyCam app on MemuPlay you can use it.

Benefits of the BabyCam app

  • Check out your baby's position whether lying or sleeping.
  • Enjoy more sleep since you do not have to monitor the baby continually.
  • Track your baby's sleeping pattern.
  • Know the safety of the baby by keeping an eye on them through the cam.


Parenting is hard, but having an app like BabyCam -Baby Monitor Camera that keeps you informed on your baby's movement, sound, and activity keep you coming and collecting. It is a very simple, robust, and yet useful app.

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