YMusic app for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac Download

YMusic app for PC - Music is an indispensable part of everyone's life, and we all have different tastes in music. There are some situations in life in which listening to your favorite music can lighten your mood. If I talk about myself, I am more protective in my work if I am listening to music. In the same way, we are all affected by music in some way.

YMusic app for PC

If you listen to music on YouTube, you surely would have experienced this issue that some of your favorite tracks are only available on YouTube. This means that you have to watch it on the app only. So that YMusic app is very helpful to you.

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What is the YMusic app?

YMusic app for PC is an android app that lets you enjoy your favorite music tracks without the hassle of keeping your phone screen on.

YMusic app that has targeted the major problem faced by the users of YouTube is the YMusic app. It allows you to smoothly play the music of your favorite YouTube video in the background while your phone screen is off. This is a brilliant feature that is not even in the official YouTube app.

Why is the YMusic app special?

YMusic does not just aim to give you Direct Access to music on Vimeo. It also aims to let you collect and play your favorite songs in a customizable browser, too. That is a nice little feature that will appeal to anyone already used to some of the more streamlined music players available on Android.

The main selling point of this app is the fact that you can listen to music in the background on your device. This means that you can now load up other apps and games while listening to music from Vimeo. It is a feature that has been missing from other music apps. YMusic is the fact that it uses up very little data.

Features of the YMusic app

Absolutely, apart from the major punch of playing the music video after the screen is off, the YMusic app has various other aspects that as a cherry on the cake for you.

You get to download stuff

Along with watching videos without staring at the screen, you can also download the video with the YMusic app.

Plethora of Music formats

YMusic app for PC

That can be some devices that do not support here certain types of music files. Hence, the app offers you the choice to download music files in various formats like MP3, MP4, WebM, Opus, etc.

Based on Jockey player

The YMusic app for PC is based on a lightweight music player jockey player that adds many more great features to it.

Save a lot of data

There is no video part to load in the app when the screen is off, you get to save a lot of data. It will also be helpful if you do not have a strong data network.

Free to use

There are some the apps out there like Google's YouTube red app that offer the same features at a certain price. The YMusic app does not charge you a penny and gives you all of it free.

User interface

The YMusic app has an easy-to-use interface that has features like color options, home screen widgets, and Equalizers.

Technical specifications of the YMusic app

        Name: YMusic App

        Category: Entertainment

        App version: 1.1.7

        File Size: 17MB

        Developed by: skyit.vn

        Last update: Feb 2023

        Downloads: 100,000+

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How to download the YMusic app for PC Windows?

Method 1: By using BlueStacks Emulator

The below steps are used to install the YMusic app on PC windows by using the BlueStacks Emulator.

  • Download the BlueStacks Emulator on your PC.
  • Click to install the BlueStacks Emulator and set it up.
  • Login to your Google account and open the Google Play Store to search for the YMusic app.

YMusic app for PC

  • Once you find the YMusic app and click to install it.
  • After successful installation of the YMusic app and using it well.

Method 2: By using MemuPlay 

Below steps are used to install the YMusic app for PC Windows

  • Download and install MemuPlay on your PC. Here is the download link for your MemuPlay website
  • Once the Emulator is installed open the Google play store app icon on the home screen
  • Now search for the YMusic app on Google Play Store. Find the official app from skyit.vn and click on the install  button
  • After the successful installation of the YMusic app on MemuPlay, you can use it well.


  1. No subscription is required.
  2. Access to the whole YouTube video library.
  3. Built-in audio and video downloader.
  4. Classic User interface.


  1. Not integrated into YouTube.
  2. You may experience a slow download speed.


YMusic app for PC is a reality for all those who are sick of YouTube videos going off with the screen of their phone. It will be a win-win scenario for you as it is free of cost. You also get access to a number of great features.

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