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The Android emulators help to install any Android applications on PC. Usually, most of the Android emulators for gaming purpose and not work well for apps. There are lots of Android emulators are available in the internet market. It's very difficult to find out the best Android emulators. Here we have the solution for the issue. We have listed the top Android emulators at the moment. You can select from this list and installed on your PC. After analyzing the pros and cons we mentioned to be Top 5 Android emulators given below.

Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators


BlueStacks is the most trending and well known Android emulators. Most of the peoples are to choose this Android Emulator because of its feature. It is very user-friendly and you can easily installed it on your PC. It is a very simple and quick installation process. It also optimized for gaming. Of course, it usually does not work well if you go for very configurations. So we can't recommend using BlueStacks for that high configuration apps. BlueStacks is very simple and easy to use. You can install any Android applications but not applicable to high configuration and productivity apps.
BlueStacks comes with a configured keymap for gaming. So you can easily download and install any games using BlueStacks Android Emulator.
Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators
BlueStacks needs very low CPU and memory usage and it is multiple times faster than actual mobile models. You can also use multiple accounts for a different purpose and you can update quickly the latest Android version.
You can download blueStacks Android Emulator for both free and premium versions. If you select a free version that is full of ads, the premium version that does not have any ads. The performance of BlueStacks is very high for any other Android emulators. So you can choose first prefer for BlueStacks.

Memu play:

Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators
It is a Similar functionality of BlueStacks. Some of the system configurations do not support blueStacks android emulator. Show those peoples Memu play Android emulators. It is also specially designed for gaming purposes. This software is also free to download. One of the best features in Memu Android Emulator is that you can virtually locate yourself. It is the ability to run on 4K resolutions which are completely amazing. Using this Android Emulator you can easily install Google apps outside of their Store. It's known to work with almost all Intel and AMD chipset. If you are facing any issue blueStacks Android emulator on your PC then you can choose a menu to play android Emulator. 

NOX player:

This is one of the best Android emulators because it keeps great efficient with heavy games pubg, free fire, and other advanced configuration games. But you need a good computer with a good graphics card to installed in NOX player on your PC. If you have a good computer then you can install NOX player.
Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators
One of the coolest features in NOX player is that it allows you to how multiple Windows. NOX player is very high compatibility compared to other emulators. It has advanced options designed for high performing games and productivity apps. You can easily configure your settings and install it on your PC. Using this not player you can install the android application and apk file format applications. 

KO Player:

Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators
This is also a gaming-oriented Android Emulator. It is the best Android emulator because of its lightweight and quick installation. It is very simple to use and very user-friendly compared to other Android emulators. You can easily configure your settings and it has some ads. It is completely free to download so you can easily install it on your PC. If you want to install KO Player then your system should have at least 2gb ram good graphics card. KO Player is a very low weight and quick setup.

Remix OS Player:

Best Android Emulators
Best Android Emulators
It is the latest Android Emulator. It is also the best Android Emulator. After analyzing this Android Emulator we select this. There are multiple reasons to select a remix OS player but the main thing is that it has low weight and height compatibility. It is very suitable for productivity and ideal apps. It also supports highly configured apps. 
It comes with the performance of gaming propose. Using this Remix OS player you can run multiple gaming instances at the same time. So you can download and installed it on your PC.

These are the best android emulators. We recommended that the BlueStacks Android Emulator is the best for overall purpose. We hope, this tutorial helped you make select the best Android Emulator.

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